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Jiggety Jig

Until the moment we arrived at his house my brother wasn't sure we were really moving to Michigan. We expected our furniture on November 25th. Darling finally got someone on the phone on Wednesday the 27th and they confirmed our shipment was in a warehouse in Dallas, TX. A lot of good that did us. We bought a couch and love seat and an air mattress and moved into the house anyway. After all, we wanted to be in the house we bought. The house is more lovely than the photos. The view of the natural lake out our huge living room window is fabulous, unobstructed by the leaves that will cover the trees in the spring. Still, it's culture shock for us both. I've lived my entire adult life in the Houston area and Darling is a native Houstonian, subjected to cold and snow only on trips. I bought a snow blower and yard tools. My brother, Northern Viking that he is, came over and uncovered our yard from the piles and piles of leaves littering the ground. Our furniture arriv

The Trip

Two weeks! What in the world is happening to us? The moving guys came the second day and moved everything out. They had to take it all to Dallas, Texas. What? That is some poor planning, done, once again, by our moving broker. The fine print of the contract warns me of a dozen things that can add cost to the final delivery. They certainly did that. So what came next? Tuesday, all our worldly goods, except what we crammed into our car, disappeared and are now at the whim of a moving company with whom we have no experience. Wednesday we did cleaning of our Texas home and it now shines. You can see it here . The house is so pretty now, I'm wondering why we left! This is my favorite photo Thursday morning, the 21st of November, 2019, we tossed the cats into the car, squeezed ourselves in and took off for Michigan and our new house. If I'd known we were moving, I would have waited to get the new car. The original plan was to drive straight through, switching drivers