Moving Troubles Day One

This isn’t hell. I’ve read of hell and it’s much worse.

But this sure is not pleasant.

We arranged our move through a broker. They seemed kind and concerned with our welfare.

That should have been my tip-off.

The first estimate was around five grand. That required a non refundable deposit. A week before the move, during a phone interview with Darling, they raised the amount to over eleven grand. Another deposit.

The brokers arranged for “local” movers. They came from Dallas, four hours away.

These movers did a walk through and now estimate almost fifteen grand.

The broker, when contacted, was rude and unconcerned. Should we cancel now, of course, we lose the five grand we deposited.

They loaded the truck that the broker KNEW would not be sufficient and drove away yesterday, planning to return today for the remainder.

I hope their truck is big enough this time.

I hope they don’t change their estimate again, now that they have half our things. In Dallas.

The name of the broker: let's wait until we get our furniture back before I name names.

For this cost, a year of my pension, perhaps it would have been smarter to sell everything and start over.

 2 Timothy 4:14 
Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord reward him according to his works:


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