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Kitchen, MIA

Contrary to what people might think, or even what I might have posted, there are many things I will miss about Texas. I will miss great friends. You know who you are. I will miss our current house, which has a design that delights me every day. I especially love the layout for the kitchen and living room. So I'll miss that when I leave. Shoot, I'm missing the kitchen already. I know it is in here somewhere!

To Move, One Must Clean

I'm excited about returning to Michigan. I dread moving, though. This is some of the stuff we're taking How much does this all weigh? Two decades ago I married Darling and we consolidated houses. We moved that first year into a large house to accommodate her mother living with us. (Yeah, that's another story.) Her mother lived with us for a decade and then we combined what she had with our stuff. We did a lot of cleaning then. I seem to recall over 50 large construction garbage bags of clothes donated to Goodwill, most of it vintage. A year later we moved to a smaller house. We eliminated a lot of clutter during that move, but we traveled only seven miles, so we crammed quite a few boxes into the garage and attic. Now we’re moving across the country and the concept changes. Darling donated boxes of items to Goodwill, gave a dozen boxes of milk glass to her friend (thanks, Kay! Sorry, Gerald…) I cleaned my shelves of books years ago, so I didn’t pare much

Sight Unseen

Darling and I do a lot of things on Faith. We also do a lot of things at the last minute. Go to movies. Grab a pizza. Invite friends over. Buy a house. What was that? Yup. Buy a house. We've looked for years. Last spring we visited my brother in Michigan and during our visit we looked at a few houses, bidding on one of them. This time around, we found a house on the internet, had my realtor friend visit it for us, bid on it and bought it. All in one weekend. We have final closure today, so now we own a house in Michigan, on a lake, among trees. Most of our desired house boxes were checked off. Yeah, we didn't even see the house. We even did the paperwork long-distance. Overnight FedEx. I'm glad to be moving back to Michigan. I've missed the scenery and seasons for four decades. Darling is courageous about it. She is a native Houstonian and still willing to move to Michigan, where she will brave seasons of snow - something sh