Freeway Car Shopping - MI trip

We've looked at buying a better travel vehicle for a few years now. It is tough for our old bones to get in and out of our sedan nowadays. We thought about an SUV, since the seats are level with our ... bottoms so getting in and out is simpler.

So during our recent driving trip to Michigan, we watched all the cars in the wild. I've always thought the best way to car shop is to go a few miles slower than everyone else on one of the major freeways in the USA. Try it.

A Maserati SUV looked lovely and graceful, though I only caught a glimpse as it sped past. I was driving an easy 75 mph, so he was cruising.

Of course we saw vehicles of all shapes, sizes and colors. Lexus, Chevrolet, Ford, Lincoln, Nissan - you get the idea. They all cruised by us. We own a Toyota and it always made me proud to see one pass us by. I saw one poor Toyota Corolla held together by duct tape, spit and prayers and it was still traveling at a good clip.

Gotta love those Toyotas.

We returned from our trip to Michigan and Darling then did Step 2 of the Great Car Purchase Plan. She went to CarMax and test drove a lot of the cars that car our eyes - and a few others.

There's a saga to that tale, but this is the travel blog.

The drive to Michigan took us two overnight stays on the way up. Only one on the way back. 

Of course. The drive was all downhill coming back...

Thanks for reading.


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