New York

I'm not sure New York is my kind of town, but this was my first visit to the Big Apple. 

I'm also not sure why they call it the Big Apple.

Amtrak Vacations booked us into The Stewart Hotel, just a few blocks from the Empire State Building.

They booked us on the 20th floor. The elevator only went to 19.


The porter helped us to a small staircase to get to that one extra floor. We were tired, so we went back to the desk and the kindly staff put us in a room on a floor with an elevator. 
Empire State Bldg

Tired as we were, we had to see the Empire State Building.

Folks, this is the big city, and everything costs money.

Lines of people from all over the world snaked through the building to the elevator which rose to the top of the tower. A long line of people waited for the elevator going back down.

We spent the time speaking to people from other countries, which was fun.

The view from the top of the Empire State Building gives you a bird's eye perspective of the great city spread before you, in all directions. The rivers wind their way between busy highways, and the cars look like tiny ants scrambling to their appointed tasks.

Totally worth the money and the wait. We did see a gorilla and I took Darling's picture with it. We thought it was a statue - until he walked away!

We grabbed a guy with a rickshaw to take us back to the hotel. He charged by the minute. He traveled at a speed somewhere between the tortoise and the hare.

At this point, I'd best forget about spending money. It's going to happen.

New York. Track lighting ran along the ceiling of our newly assigned room. What's with that? Odd thoughts of wanna-be movie makers ran through my mind, but we'll leave it at that.

To bed early, because our train to Toronto leaves around 5 AM.

Not the time of morning I'd choose on vacation, but that's the way it is. Off to Canada!
Grand Central Station, NY


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