The Trip

Two weeks! What in the world is happening to us?

The moving guys came the second day and moved everything out. They had to take it all to Dallas, Texas. What? That is some poor planning, done, once again, by our moving broker.

The fine print of the contract warns me of a dozen things that can add cost to the final delivery. They certainly did that.

So what came next? Tuesday, all our worldly goods, except what we crammed into our car, disappeared and are now at the whim of a moving company with whom we have no experience.

Wednesday we did cleaning of our Texas home and it now shines. You can see it here. The house is so pretty now, I'm wondering why we left!
This is my favorite photo
Thursday morning, the 21st of November, 2019, we tossed the cats into the car, squeezed ourselves in and took off for Michigan and our new house.

If I'd known we were moving, I would have waited to get the new car.

The original plan was to drive straight through, switching drivers as needed. We drove from local clouds in Houston into storms as we moved northward. The cats traveled well, with only an occasional complaint. Darling bought - ready for this? - CBD oil and put it on their gums. It seemed to work.

Somewhere past Memphis I got tired and grouchy and we needed to stop. I find it hard to drive when it is dark, rainy and windy. We found a place and left the cats in the back of the car. The temperature was decent - if you have fur and a partner to sleep next to.

We jumped into the bed after Darling went to check on the cats. We slept from about 9pm to 3am, and then we were back on the road.

When we crossed into Michigan, my heart took a leap.

I'm back.

Then the fun began...


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