And Yet, I Will Miss Texas....

Darling is a native Texan.

I have a record for my mother's sister, Anita, from US Gen Web Archives showing her birth in Bexar County (San Antonio).
Sadly, familial ties do not make one a Texan. You must be born in this great state to make that claim.

Darling has traveled a bit, yet she has never lived elsewhere. She's being brave.

And though I feel I am finally returning home (Michigan is home to many of my maternal relatives), I also will miss Texas.

For Texas has been the only adult home I've known.

I'll miss many of the people. I'll even miss the attitude of the typical Texan. I'll miss Tex-Mex food. I'll miss Buc-ee's.

I can admit that every time we moved as children, from state to state, I cried a bit. One most notable time was when we left Rhode Island in the middle of my school year, leaving behind friendships I nurtured for three years (a record for me). It was winter, the air was cold, and as we pulled away I started to sob. "Real men don't cry," snarled my dad as he drove us down the street. I covered my face with a scarf and did the best I could to hide my tears.

I'm sure there will be tears this time also.


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