Sight Unseen

Darling and I do a lot of things on Faith.

We also do a lot of things at the last minute. Go to movies. Grab a pizza. Invite friends over. Buy a house.

What was that?

Yup. Buy a house.

We've looked for years. Last spring we visited my brother in Michigan and during our visit we looked at a few houses, bidding on one of them.

This time around, we found a house on the internet, had my realtor friend visit it for us, bid on it and bought it. All in one weekend.

We have final closure today, so now we own a house in Michigan, on a lake, among trees. Most of our desired house boxes were checked off.

Yeah, we didn't even see the house. We even did the paperwork long-distance. Overnight FedEx.

I'm glad to be moving back to Michigan. I've missed the scenery and seasons for four decades.

Darling is courageous about it. She is a native Houstonian and still willing to move to Michigan, where she will brave seasons of snow - something she's never done before.

We're excited. A little nervous. We're delighted.

And we have to move forty years of stuff from here to there. One entire house and garage moving to a new location.

And we have to drive up there, in our new car, with two cats.

Had I known we'd move I would have waited to get the new car.

So, yeah, nervous...

I'll keep you posted.


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