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Soaring Spirit

Our youngest darling daughter, a Librarian in Aurora, CO, invited me to be part of the Author panel at their yearly Mini-Con . My very first Author panel! This, of course, means travel to Colorado from Houston. Drive, I say. We'll look into travel vans or something, or just drive. "Because you love driving so much," says Darling, looking at me from the corner of her eye. Jumping in the car and going somewhere is not a big logistics issue. A few days travel would get Darling and me to Colorado. And a few days travel back... So I checked airlines. Wow, the fares at Spirit are pretty cheap. Despite the vague memory of warnings from our daughter that Spirit advertises Bare Bones Travel - and means it - I booked our flights. Well, the cost is good. What's this? The only free carry on is the size of an over-sized lunch box.  We are excellent packers and have suitcases that fit the bins of most airlines, so I didn't think this would be an issue.