San Antonio, February 2019

Alamo. NOT the rental place.
Not all our trips are epic, but I'll share them anyway. 

A few weekends ago we traveled to San Antonio, Texas to visit my life-long friend John. He and his wife flew in from Michigan for a conference.

From Houston to anywhere of size is three hours, minimum. SA hits that sweet spot. We've driven there and back in a day, but that's not something you want to do unless you have to.

Or have a travel van. Maybe I want a travel van...

Back on point. What do you do in SA?

You can visit the many ancient old missions that dot the map near the city center.

Nothing we immigrant USA citizens have built is more than five hundred years old. By European standards, buildings are almost new around here. To see ancient, we need to find Indian ruins or go to Italy.

John's Darling Wife, Rachel, did most of that touring during the week when we couldn't make it over there, but that always leaves two things I love about SA - eating and the Alamo.

We spent a wonderful evening catching up with John and Rachel, ate a lovely dinner and went to see the Alamo on Saturday morning.

A parade blocked our way. For the San Antonio Rodeo.

Huh? San Antonio has a rodeo? 

The parade wasn't too long, but the pictures captured the vibrant image of the history of this great Texas city.


We did eventually cross the road and get into the Alamo. I have seen it before, of course. It looks smaller than I remember.

Texican heroes of the Alamo
We enjoyed a wonderful time with our friends.

Lest you think I'm not grouchy about it - well, I'm not. Funny huh? I always enjoy myself during road trips with Darling.

Wait a second. Come to think of it, I had a difficult time finding a decent parking place in the city parking, which is where you park when staying at a fancy hotel in SA. And I lost the car when we went to leave.

I almost forgot that.

Thanks for reading.

Here's a few more pictures of the rodeo.

Texas has flowers on Groundhog's Day

Happy Cowboys/Cowgirls

The Houston Rodeo has bigger horses.
Just sayin'

Caballeros! Harken back 150 years...


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