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First Bus Trip

I'll cheat a little on this post and go back in time to my second Travel as an adult - the trip that brought me to Houston almost four decades ago. The first Travel as an adult was a plane trip to California as a graduating ChE. I told everyone it was a job interview, but it was really about a girl with a job interview. That's all I'll say on that. I detest buses. Let me clarify that. As long as I am conscious and have a choice of transportation, I won't ride on another public bus in the United States. That was a promise I made to myself in 1980, and it's worked pretty well so far. Oh, I think the bus system works well. My oldest son just returned from another city on a bus. If the bus wasn't available, he would have stayed home and missed a short adventure. So, buses are okay, for the young. Sometimes something happens in your life, though, that creates a long-term impression. My mother's cooking had a long-term impression on my next older brother, and I

Darling's Canada Trip Photos

So this one is almost all pictures. I made comments on them, but what else do you expect from a Travel Blog? You must have pictures, or it didn't happen! Yeah, they aren't in any order whatsoever. I tried, but editing them once I put them in here is annoying, and I'm grouchy enough. Even when I'm home. Enjoy. Thanks for reading - uh, looking. The church across from our Vancouver hotel. Train doorway into adventure... A pika on Whistler's Mountain in Jasper Darling and I on Whistler's Mountain in Jasper Chipmunk, Whistler's Mountain Train outside Jasper train station View from Jasper Train Station Along the route, Jasper to Vancouver More Jasper to Vancouver Darling still managed to capture good pics from a moving train Rocky Mountains Rocky Mountains  Rocky Mountains Rocky Mountains Vancouver to Seattle A nice vista, Vancouver to Seattle What's with the ancient power poles? They were everywhere along the tracks. West Coast, somewhere between Vancouver an

Ending the Epic Canadian Trip

I missed last week. I don't know why I missed Wednesday. I'll blame it on tax time, but it was probably Fallout 76... Banff back to Jasper was simply a bus trip. Darling sat in the front row and took pictures the entire ride, talking with Mitch, the driver. Once again, kudos to Brewster Travel for excellent service. Me? I napped, looked out the window, napped some more. We stayed in Jasper a few more days, which were uneventful except that I had bronchitis and had to visit the clinic. We grabbed the train at Jasper and traveled to Vancouver. This was not the Rocky Mountaineer, but the trains are similar. I'm not sure if there was a different route or not, but some of the views contained majestic overtones. Most of the scenery bored me out of what was left of my mind, but that could be because I was recovering from being ill. I mean, yes, we were traveling through one of the greatest mountain ranges in North America, but a lot of that travel was in the dark ... at night ...