Dental Tourism, Part 1

We're traveling.

I'm not loving it because travel is hard, even though the trip is to beautiful Costa Rica.

Southwest earned high marks for customer service. I'm sure the Oreo cookies they gave me had no bearing on my thinking.

I did my normal doze off until drinks and snacks, then doze off until wheels-down. I still got off the plane exhausted.

A guy at the airport almost berated me for not tipping him, even though he did almost nothing for us. That is not typical of Ticos.

We spent about $38USD for lunch. The restaurant was a little upscale, but the Italian food wasn't that amazing. I was warned it was pricey. I think we might have different definitions of good Italian food.

On a lighter note, Subway is Subway wherever we go, and the prices are consistent. That's where I just grabbed dinner and brought it back to the room.

Darling's feet are swollen and her ankles hurt. We didn't do much walking, but enough to cause some problems. She's tired, too, but she cannot nap like I do.

There is no couch in our room, even though the Internet pictures showed one. I think it was the one in the lobby. They're nice about it, and brought us what they consider a couch, which is a bigger chair. We'll make do.

On the purely positive side, I think I chose an excellent dentist, and his review of our teeth today almost condemns dentistry back home in the USA. 

More on that tomorrow. I'll just keep a running post every few days while we're here.

Thanks for reading.

I napped all afternoon, which is why this post is late.


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