Dental Tourism - Finished

Wednesday, the day for my standard post, and I can report that, by later today, we'll be finished with our Costa Rica dental work.

Would we do it again? Absolutely.

Apartotel la Sabana
View from our balcony

Not that we love dental work, but because the dental networks in the United States are brutal to those of us without dental insurance. Which also means it is an underlying cause of other problems for those with insurance.

I can go through the numbers, but that will be one more post, after I have all the costs associated with this trip compiled.

I used to read a well-known magazine for international travels and they always touted Costa Rica as an inexpensive place to visit.  English? No worries, they said, everyone speaks some English.

We've been eating at Rosti Pollo, a local eatery. It has cost us about $20 USD per meal for both of us, and the meals are not fancy.  No, they do not, by and large, speak English, so we end up pointing at the pictures of what we want to eat.

Please don't misunderstand me. I think if we are visitors, we should do our best to speak the local language, and Darling and I try. Practica, practica, practica, as they say.

Our dentist speaks excellent English, which he should since he is degreed from Ohio State, but the others in his office, not so much. And that's the way it should be.

I'm just saying to be cautious of what the magazines say.

So my teeth are finished. Darling's teeth will be finished today. Bright smiles all around.

We thought of flying home early. I'd like to be home now, but the cost to change our tickets on Southwest was almost $400 USD and I'd rather use the money for a new iPad.

The other money we saved from coming here I'll use to buy a new gaming computer.

Yeah, we saved that much, and the work was fantastic.

Thanks for reading.


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