Costa Rica Dental Visit Notes

We met Mike and Liz. They're from the UK and they really travel. They put my thoughts of travel to shame.

For instance, they spent a year traveling across Australia. They kitted out a land rover they bought and used it for traveling and camping. They seem about our age. We couldn't do that. Or I wouldn't do that. I'm not sure which.

Now they are on a five week hiatus around Costa Rica. I might be getting some of the lengths of time wrong, but there it is.

Also, we met Horst and Petra from Berlin. They are here in Costa Rica for five MONTHS. Just traveling. They want to visit New Orleans and Mississippi so they can hear real blues and eat true Cajun food. I'm sorry Mississippi. I told them they only needed to visit N'Orleans.

Horst needs some dental work, but for him, in Germany, the work is essentially free.

Hello? USA? Did you catch that?

Kayleigh from Massachusetts came for dental work, more extensive than ours, but she's an adventurer and drove all over the area, using our hotel as her base. "I get bored sitting around," she said. I guess so. She's planning to visit Nepal soon and hike to the Base Camp. That's three weeks of hiking.

Yeah, that's more than travel.

Monica is here for dental work. I didn't get her story, but she's happy about the work her dentist is doing.

Bottom line on the dental work - if you need extensive work done, a trip to Costa Rica might be the way to save some money and get great dental care. For less extensive work, I doubt it is worth the trip, unless you plan to adventure while you're in Costa Rica.

That said, the people we met make me realize that Darling and I are tourists. These other people - three weeks, five months, a year worth of traveling adventure - they are the travelers, the adventurers, the people who brave the unpaved roads and visit new horizons.

What spirit they have! Well met, and good travels to all of them!

Thanks for reading.


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