Travel Insurance

I'm not sure Travel Insurance is a good investment in your travels. We bought the Travel Insurance from Amtrak Vacations, at their strong urging, and thought it a good idea in case something happened and our trip had complications.

Every trip has complications, some more serious than others.

The bottom line on this one is buyer-beware.

We canceled some events on our itinerary due to illness and still have not resolved the issue with Amtrak Vacations or Trip Mate. Each tells us to call the other. I suspect we shall never find a resolution that involves any kind of refund.

Amtrak Vacations does not provide a detailed billing, either. I confess to great naivete when we worked with them to plan this trip. Never again will I deal with their company, nor will any of my loved ones.

They planned extensive in-city tours and we only used part of them. Most of the time we were too rushed to see the things we paid to see, and they weren't things we would have chosen had we thought about it. This is all on me. They were doing their job - selling me whatever I could afford. I forgot that we care for our welfare, and sales people do not.

As for the travel insurance, on our other trips we purchased less expensive options simply for peace of mind. We never should have let Amtrak Vacations talk us into using Trip Mate.

I'm sure some people have good experiences with their travel agent and travel insurance, but we're not in that group.


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