Key items when traveling

Darling and I discussed the key items for traveling. Everyone says "snacks" and I'm good with that, but don't forget these necessities.

We were on the icy slopes of a glacier between Jasper and Banff and she didn't have her sunglasses. She was almost blind.

Remember your sunglasses, sunscreen and hat. They are essential to comfortable travel, whether to the frozen north or the sunny south.

If you have a nice camera, make sure it has a hat, too. Darling's fabulous camera couldn't compensate for the bright glare from the glacier, but would have handled it fine with the correct attachment to shade her lens.

The Nikon COOLPIX P900 is a great camera, but glare is glare.

Avoid glare. Remember your sunglasses.

Of course, you need to take snacks and drinks (not past TSA). Take a knit cap or earmuffs for the north. I always take a scarf, because I can roll it up for a neck pillow or use it to stay a little warmer or cover my face like a bandit to rob banks.

Just kidding on that last one.

Safe travels...


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