Baggage, Please

I collect luggage.

I don't mean to, but over the years I managed to buy a new suitcase or travel bag for every third trip.

When I was a younger man with a strong back, I bought the ones that converted to backpacks. I still have my favorite one. It weighs quite a bit because of the built-in frame.

Oh, and you have to carry it. 😃

Rick Steves has a good bag. I have two of those, one dark blue and one black.

To match my travelling shoes, I suppose.

My back can't handle those bags any more, so I decided to grab a new suitcase.

I wanted wheels - the spinner ones that let the bag walk next to you, like a well-trained dog. I wanted luggage that had hard sides this time, but it also had to be sized as a carry-on. 

We don't check bags when we travel.

The search began. I agonized over which bag to buy. Some are beautiful and look rugged and manly. Except for the wheels. And the handle.

I could have spent hundreds, but in my experience of on-line shopping, price rarely indicates quality.

So for our train trip across Canada I chose something less-expensive. I figured if it fell apart I could invest in something else later.

I bought an Olympia that fit all my requirements. On Amazon, it cost me less than fifty dollars.

The new suitcase held up great. It took a beating, too. And it still looks good.

American Airlines let us carry it on the flight to Chicago, and the train trip of nineteen days began.

I still thought it would be epic.


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