Grand Rapids Airport

We went to Michigan where my brother put us up - and put up with us - for a week.

I miss the beautiful fall colors in Michigan.

We froze our ever-lovin' bums off during the horse-drawn carriage ride on Mackinac Island. Our guide regaled us with numerous tales of the isle for an enjoyable tour.

Very scenic. Lots of trees.

Eventually the trip home...

The Grand Rapids Airport displays television-like billboards on the walls. On our return trip, these billboards enticed the flyer with ... wait for it ...

Thousand dollar Tag Heuer men's watches.

It is pretty, though. I mean - manly.

The guy in the advertisement? Brad Pitt.

Well, of course Brad Pitt wears one. He probably wears two!

I think they'd be better off with a good ad for summer sausage.

Great. Now I'm hungry.

Thanks for reading. I'll tag my posts, so you will know which have semis-serious information and which are observations. This one, for instance, is an observation.


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